About us

About us

We are a consulting boutique firm we help our clients to identify, prioritize and solve the challenges faced by them; and always considering the size and maturity of the organization.

Challenges and needs faced by organisations are not subject to their size or object (could a corporation, a non for profit organisation or an entrepreneur and her start up). In fact, the smaller the organisation, the higher the number or daily situations faced by its owner or chief executive.

That is the reason why we are member of Nexia International. A leading global network of independent accounting, taxes, and consulting firms. When you choose a Nexia firm, you get a more responsive, partner-led service, across the world

An always active network

We are a highly active network that drives quality and facilitates collaboration to enable its member firms to provide effective local and global solutions.

Partner-led service

Nexia member firms offer a service led by their partners which guarantee continuity, experience and a deep knowledge of client business and its development.

Business approach

The main characteristic of Nexia member firms are the entrepreneurial spirit of their people and can closely relate with big, medium and small organisations including those managed by their own proprietors. That is the reason behind our motto: closer to you.

International expansion support

Nexia firms are centered in support the local organisations and accompanying their growth and through Nexia International network, help those clients gain confidence to do the next step: new international markets.